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 Delhi - India


QTR 562 Delhi airport 777'

Iran air force 127.8, 135.1

Ground handling freq 131.150 Cambata Air OPS.

RWY 29 for landing via AKBAN2A Arrival. Or

RWY 11 AKBAN2B arrivals.

ATC will clear you all the way to 2600' with AKBAN ARRIVAL to respect all alt constrain, (negative for speed constrain) at position DP502 you will clear to 2600 directly, full speed brake increase speed to manage your descent.


QR operates from Terminal 3. For stand A01

Look for TAXI Arrival the RWY


Route via G452 via AKBAN, IF LAST ASSIGNED level above 150 then proceed to AKBAN, descent in AKBAN holding point to FL 150 and follow AKBAN 2A with star restrictions, FL 150 or below follow STAR restrictions;

At the end of STAR, turn and descent to 2600' to intercept LOC or FAT. Charts 10-1P14


TAXI chart 10-1P2

From RWY 28 vacate RWY via TWY N and Taxi via S, or vacate via M and taxi via P, N and S.

When over RWY TCAS on



No PDC contact delivery and get ATC.

Rwy 28 for departure BIPAN SID with transition MABOL (clear FL 60 unrestricted)

Or RWY 01 by OBDAG , LUN intersection.

Report ready to start at delivery, then ground Freq

Cleared for Push but start after beam (a3)

Taxi carful no brief report all taxi way names

Check chart 10-9G

CW3, CW1, S, R3, R, L1, P holding point Rwy 28.

Do not change FREQ until advised.

Really low transition altitude


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