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Use charts ME, EA1 from KUGOS to ANIDO, chart E3a, E15 , E 10


Max 250 at or below FL70

Rwy 22 L or 04 L for landing

Rwy 22R or 04LR for take off

Expect ALM 3 A arrival charts 10-2E

Direct to position VENOM, quite early; Then POS LAMOX,

ATC will bring you high and fast.

ALM 3 N is another option. 10-2


Speed 250/ 7000

Speed 180 until 6

160/ until 4 nm

Stand POS C33 by B, R taxi way

Ground OPS SAS at 131.95

C 10 stand require marshal

Crossing RWY 30 strobe light and TCAS ON

APU only 5 min on after and before engines.



RWY 22R SIMEG8 C 10-3K

Use full length RWY 22R

Advice cabin not very long taxi


ACARS 30min before start up

Just set the THR RED 1500’

acceleration height to 2500' after sending data to FMC

Start up only at position Z4

Avoid flying within 15nm of KAS below 2500'; Speed 250 below 7000’

Taxi by R, B. Change to radar after dep. when passing 1000'.

Incase of Anti-Ice, Advice Apron 121.9 for need of De-Ice.

Area 1 very near RWY 22R, after clear of De-Ice lower flap do after take off.



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